Babies Only (Birth-12months)

Leigh-Ann Allen (Owner & Teacher)
Love Me Do Baby & Maternity- Liberty Village (location map)
Wednesday, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
15/01/20 - 18/03/20 (10 weeks)

A child is never too young to hear and respond to music or language! This beautiful class has been specifically designed to introduce babies  and their parents/caregivers to the Music Together® experience. The music activities have been carefully chosen to suit a class of new moms and their infants. You will learn about how children develop musically and how you can support that development in your infant. You will discover new ways of interacting with your baby that are deeply joyful and you will experience how profoundly satisfying it can be to musically bond with your infant. The 9 Song Collections represent a balanced and rich vocabulary of music and movement for your baby’s development and for your whole family to enjoy!